Stepping Into Adulthood


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Discover the Most Significant Event in Your Child’s Life
“Daddy I want to be a Man”
After his eight year old son Lance spoke these words, Jeff Brodsky began a ten year journey of discovery. Jeff was determined to find out what it meant to accept the responsibility of being a Godly father and parent to his children. As a Jewish believer, Jeff wondered why there was no Bar-Mitzvah type of ceremony or Rite of Passage in Christianity. As he traveled throughout the world to more than forty countries, Jeff discovered that Christianity is one of the only religions that did nothing to recognize their children as they were Stepping Into Adulthood.
Children long to take the mantle of adulthood upon their shoulders, but usually without an understanding of the responsibilities that accompany it. This book explores the challenges of our society and the difficulties our children face. The Stepping Into Adulthood program is an exciting opportunity for families and communities to instill the qualities of maturity and devotion into their children. Practical, biblical, and educational, this book will change your life and the life of your child.